Christian and Secular Music: prohibited?

We understand by music: “Art of combining the sounds in a temporal sequence attending to the laws of harmony, melody and rhythm, or of making with musical instruments”. This theme of secular music and Christian music has always been controversial, since many consider that secular music has nothing wrong, but others do not.

There is something important that we must understand and is that there is nothing like Christian and secular music, music is music. The difference is always in the side and side letters. Now the question is, is it okay for a Christian to listen to secular music? This has several aspects and the Christian must especially protect the testimony of the gospel. Imagine a Christian listening to secular high music at home or walking on the street singing, what will the unconverted say that they do not understand many things? They will simply not play a degree that will not become unconverted people and this will damage the testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are many things that we use today that were not created by Christians, yet we use them because they are useful to us. In the same way, the secular music itself is not bad, the problem is what kind of music we are going to listen to. A Christian should know that music that promotes such things as sex, wars, gossip, homosexuality, rudeness and a lot of other things that are outside a Christian context, we should not listen in the least.

But as I said earlier, this has several slopes, and another one of them is “the limit”. We must always have a limit on everything we do, since we must remember that we are Christians. There are those who begin to listen to secular music and make it a habit, something they always do, even going so far as to listen to more secular than Christian music. Things like these should be taken care of.

In this article I do not try to recommend that they listen to secular music, I only answer a question that everyone is asking.

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